Our Inspiration

Lokraj Agarwal born on March 4, 1942 at Kalimpong hails from an ordinary middle class family. At a young age of 13 years, he participated in ‘Gou Raksha’ movement in 1955. For millenia, the Hindus had worshipped the cows as one form of god and protected it. However, under the domination of foreign rulers and also influence of foreign cultures, cow slaughter was becoming a regular practice, which was unthinkable sin to the Hindus. Gou Raksha was a movement that was started to protect the cows.

Lokraj ji could only complete education till class 7 due to family problems, and soon his desire to work for the society led him to join RSS in 1960 and he was then sent to field to work among the masses. During this period, he was actively involved in the repair and restoration of many Hindu temples in and around Kalimpong region. Additionally, through his leadership skills and selfless work at the grassroot level, he was able to inspire more than 1500 youths to follow his footsteps. He trained them the benefits of being disciplined in life and instilled patriotic spirits in them.

In 1983, Lokraj ji participated in VHP’s Ekatmata Yatra. This Yatra was one of the biggest events of this country where more than 8 crores of people participated. During this Yatra, Lokraj ji was able to collect the water from more than 50 villages of the hills of Darjeeling and Sikkim including from the Nathu-la village. Nathu-la is a major corridor of passage that connected India with Tibet before it was closed in 1962.

During the landmark event of Nepal’s King visit to Kalimpong in 1972, it was his altruistic passion that led him to express to the King the problems of the Kalimpong society and ask help from the King. During the Indian Emergency period in 1975-77, he had to suffer the humiliation of the authorities and was jailed for 2 months.

Since then, Lokraj ji has been actively involved in various grassroot projects in and around Kalimpong working quietly and relentlessly to improve the conditions of the poor and the downtrodden. One of his main dedications has been to link the Harijans, the individuals at the bottom or outside the Hindu caste system, to the main Hindu system and remove the evils of untouchability. He has also been instrumental in bringing together the santas, the gurus and saints of Hindu religion, of the region for selflessly working for the upliftment of the society. He has also founded the Kalyan Ashram which is involved in cultural and educational program to promote tribal children education.

Lokraj ji established the Vidya Bharati School for the single and focused goal of providing education to the poor people of the region. Lokraj ji never liked the display of wealth and always abhorred the loud noises and huge amount of money that were part of the Marwari samaj ritual during the wedding ceremonies. It was through his persistence that the Marwari Samaj of Kalimpong finally decided to do away with loud noises of the wedding band baja and excess display of wealth.