“If you are not part of a solution, then you are part of the problem,” a well known saying goes. Kalimpong Bharat Uday Society is such a desire of its founding members to not just complain about the problems that plagues the society today, but to act and get rid of those problems. However, the founding members are not the elder people of the society, but they are the youths who have a burning desire to change their future by changing their present.

A few years ago, these few, but enthusiastic youths of Kalimpong were very dissatisfied with the condition of their society and the path the society seemed to be taking. They would sit together for hours in the RSS office of Kalimpong and deliberate fiercely about the problems of the nation. All their deliberations seemed to lead to only one conclusion: Youth must come forward and accept the challenges head-on. It was during one such meetings they vowed to come together and form an organization, which we now know as Kalimpong Bharat Uday Society.

However, the founder president, Samir Kr. Ghosh, wanted to test if this idea of doing something to change the society was just a short-lived enthusiasm or if it was sustainable over a period of time. For this, he asked all the members to undergo a rigorous month-long schedule comprising of history lessons, meditation sittings, exchanging stories of courage and success, and so on. The course included teachings from the ancient and modern history of India and emphasized the sacrifices the freedom fighters. His desire was to wake that nationalistic fervor in the minds of these young people and create a deep sense of respect for their nation. These youths needed to rise above their materialistic desire and see the country in a new light.

Only after the founding members completed rigorous training did Mr Samir Ghosh revealed his desire to form “KALIMPONG BHARAT UDAY SOCIETY.” The society was established in 2009 and today is registered under the Indian Society Registration Act. In giving shape to the society, the founding members wanted to have Kalimpong Bharat Uday Society as a non partisan, non-political, and non- profit organization which would work with the objective of improving the conditions of the disadvantaged population of the society without any regard to caste, color, creed, gender by providing them skills and giving access to relevant resources. In its short period of existence, the organization has already run various awareness programmes pertaining to consumer welfare, health, education, women/adolescent girl empowerment, and youth’s life-skill programmes.