Himalay Yog Sanstha ( H.Y.S, KALIMPONG) is making effort to indulge every individual member of the society into our very own ancient and effective practice of Yog and Pranayam. The driving force of our sanstha is the thirst in invigorating the society for a better today and tomorrow. Our sanstha leaves no stones unturned to be a voracious practioner to society welfare.



Himalay Yog Sanstha, is working under the unit of Kalimpong Bharat Uday Society. Within a very short span of time since its inception the sangathan has been able to ingest the lost quality of early riser and ardent Yog and Pranayam follower.
We started off with few people (males) on the 6th of June, 2015 at the Purvanchal Kalyan Ashram, to practice for the most important day recorded from then in history , the Summer Solistice marking the ‘International Yoga Day’, the biggest recognition to the dwindling Indian culture and spiritual heritage at the call of our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It’s a known fact that women are the pillars to make a home hearty and healthy, with this very thought in mind a separate camp for the heart and soul of society ‘ women’ was started at the Manav Uttan Sewa Samiti from the 10th of June ,2015 Another very important section of our society ‘the youth’ who nowadays are too fabricated with the entire mechanical westernized scenario were the target group and that is when the sangathan felt the urge to enlighten our future minds with the benefaction of our ancestors to develop a healthy body and soul. All of these different sections came under one roof in Mangal Dham from 22nd of June, 2015.Till date not even for a single day it is closed. Most of the souls in town do spare their morning from 5:00am- 6:30am devoted in transforming oneself to a healthier being. With the consent of all the members we decided to name our family ‘HIMALAY YOG SANSTHA’ on the 27th of June, 2015.



Yog in Mangal Dham during morning hours was not a feasible timing for the school going young children so the committee decided to open a separate school for the kids which would be running only on Saturday and Sunday. On the 3rd of April 2016 the committee announced the inauguration of Himalay Yog Academy for kids from 5-13 years of age for an hour during the weekend. From the day onwards many kids enthusiastically became part of the Himalay Yog family and avidly practiced the taught yog in school.