Annual Report 2016-2017


Yog in Mangal Dham during morning hours was not a feasible timing for the school going young children so the committee decided to open a separate school for the kids which would be running only on Saturday and Sunday. On the 3rd of April 2016 the committee announced the inauguration of Himalay Yog Academy for kids from 5-13 years of age for an hour during the weekend. From the day onwards many kids enthusiastically became part of the Himalay Yog family and avidly practiced the taught yog in school.



Technology has advanced and reached heights yet creating life is still unfound. No-one can create life but one can make a venture to save it by donating the most precious gift ‘Blood- the gift of life’. Our members very well know this and very actively and passionately participated in the Blood Donation Camp held in Jagannath Dharamsala on ___ May’16.



The most awaited day for yoga followers, the 21st of June 2016 which marked the 2nd International Yoga Day was also celebrated in the same venue the heart of the town ‘Mela Ground’, following the theme of the then yoga day ‘CONNECT THE YOUTH’, our members went to each and every school in Kalimpong, taught them asanas for more than ten days pertaining to the event of the 2nd International Yoga Day. The schools that participated were Scottish Universities Mission Institution, Saptashree Gyanpeeth, Rockvale Academy, Kumidini Homes, Pranami Balika Vidya Mandir, Jubliee High School, Indo- Tibetan School, Seedfarm School,Seven Days School,Govt. High School. Around more than 2000 students actively took part in the event. The event was chaired by Mr. Ahluwalia[M.P Darjeeling district] alongwith Mr. Bimal Gurung[Head of the ruiling party G.J.M.M] as the special guest and Mr. Sanjay Tiwari[Olympian] as the chief speaker. Despite of the climatic default with heavy rain it could not hamper our members and students morale.The event started up with a brief warm- up session followed by Surya Namaskar and then the demonstration of 5 asanas by the students, members and the guests. This was followed by a special musical yoga demonstration by the members of HYS which was highly applauded by the entire crowd.


This year too on 19th July, 2016, Guru Poornima was celebrated with the same vigour. All our members payed homage to the great saint ‘Maharishi Patanjali’.Yoga demonstration was done by some of our members. Bhajanas were sung by the members. Educatory speeches on livelihood, upbringing, daily meals etc. proved highly beneficial to all the members.



On the ides of August, the Independence Day we did our daily bit of warm up and surya namaskar in Mela Ground and from their alongwith the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak members of Kalimpong we participated in the morning procession ‘The Prabhat Feri’. Our members had a delightful and a nationalistic experience, singing patriotic songs shouting national slogans and flaring our tri-colour an internal feeling of pride being a part of the most beautiful and heroic nation.


On the 18th of August 2016, the day which marks the ‘bond of protection’ where a sister ties a sacred thread ‘Rakhi’ to the brother’s wrist who need or need-not be biologically related. This festival was celebrated by our members with deep- rooted humbleness and joy when they went around the town to every individual giving them the beautiful essence of brother and sisterhood. Our members also went to the jail and tied rakhi to all the prisoners and they were teary-eyed seeing this gesture. This time we even went to the army camp and tied them rakhi, which brought tears to their eyes as they were nostalgic. The experience was heart touching for all the members.



On 25th of August,2016, a Rathayatra of Lord Krishna on the eve of Janmasthami was organized within the Kalimpong town and our members avidly participated in the procession alongwith the Pranami Samudai. Just like Krishna with the gopi’s, all the yatris exuberantly sang and danced to the ‘Natkhat Gopal’s’ bhajans. The main event of Janamasthami was held after the sun hid himself and moon bloomed out in Mangal Dham, the abode of the pranami’s. Our members diligently and briskly took up the seva work at the Mangal Dham parisar. Few volunteered for the shoe rack section, some towards the bhojanalay area, some at the entry and exit at different points, some inside the temple for proper line functioning , etc. Our members were extremely happy to be able to serve the Mangal Dham Samiti, the giver of our daily yoga practice.



A very important historic event in Kalimpong took place on the 4th of September 2016, the inaugural ceremony of 12ft long Swami Vivekananda Statue in 10th mile by the Hon’ble Cabinet Tribal Minister Mr. Joel Oram, organized under the banner of Kalimpong Bharat Uday Society. Our members fully supported the entire event. This event marked a good advent to deepen the thoughts of Swami Vivekananda “Arise, Awake and stop not till the Goal is reached” in the minds of every living entity in Kalimpong. The area where the statue is placed got the name Vivekananda Park.


The staunch attitude of our gurus made us an ardent follower and lover to the ancient and effective practice of being an early riser and yoga doer, for which a thanks giving ceremony was organized on the 5th of September, 2016 to deeply pour our gratitude to our two gurus who spare their precious time for the society without any monetary benefit to their kitty. The venue for the event was ‘Mangal Dham’ there were group songs and addresals by our gurus followed by khada arpan to our gurus. Every member participated enthusiastically in the event and made it a successful one.



RSS had organized an OTC camp on January, 2017 at Pranami Balika Vidya Mandir. Our members gave in their contribution via seva for the sangh members. Route march from 10th mile to Thana Dara by the swayam sevaks were warmingly welcomed with flower showers throughout the march by our enthusiastic members. The swayam sevaks had a pompous welcome.


On the 26th of January,just like in the Independence day, all the members gathered in Mela ground for the daily yog practice, then along with the RSS members actively indulged themselves in the Prabhat Feri singing patriotic songs and awakening people to the spirit of nationalism.



Our sanstha like the previous year too thought the tradition should go on so a picnic trip was planned on the 8th of February, 2017, to Bidyang, where all the members engaged themselves with full alacrity to make the outdoor event fun-filled and memorable. Vehicles were booked priorly, we started off in the morning singing the national songs and rejoicing every ounce of the time. Preparations started up for the outdoor feast alongwith recreations like dance, swimming, games,etc. Overall the picnic was a very memorable and fruitful .



On the colourfull day of Holi 13th of March 2017, our members joined with rejoice the yatra taken out by the Pranami Samudai, singing and dancing to Lord Krishna’s bhajans and applying colour to each other reminding everyone of the ‘ festival of love and colour’, celebrating the victory of good over evil and also forgetting bitterness and accepting all. A day earlier our members became a part of the Holika Dahan in Mela Ground too.



On March 28th 2016, Hindu New Year was celebrated at Mangal Dham by our members and Flag hoisting, knowledgeable talks on the nation and freedom fighters was given by the speakers from the sangh. Patriotic songs were also sung. These events brought into limelight the true meaning of Hindustan to the people, which is not just the Hindus but every individual residing in the Hindustan periphery.