The very foundation of our sanstha goes to the declaration of celebrating June 21st as the International Yoga Day. This led to bringing people of Kalimpong together to practice and preach yog. So, from the 14th of June, few members of the sangathan payed their visit to differ schools in Kalimpong namely, Kumidini Homes, Pranami Ballika Vidya Mandir, Jubilee High School, Indo- Tibetan School, Seedfarm School, Seven Days School and Government High School.

There were around 1200 participants from the mentioned schools in Mela Ground. The event was chaired by Mohanpriya Acharya of Mangal Dham. The pompous day was celebrated with light warmup followed by showcasing of 5-6 aasanas with the student members. The aasanas included were:

The chief guest addressed the crowd spilling the importance and need for yog in this adulterated society and also spoke regarding the Prime Minister’s call for Swachh Bharat of not just the
surrounding but within oneself too. After which packed lunch was distributed to all the participants and members.

After the display of yog in the first International Yoga Day, we were supported by more and more people, it was like the display brought about a conscious awakening among the desired crowd of Kalimpong to stay fit and healthy.



All the members of Himalay Yog Sanstha payed their gratitude to Maharishi Patanjali for his enormous and boundless contribution to yog science.This event on the 31st July, 2015 was celebrated in Mangal Dham, chief guest was Acharya Mohanpriya ji. A small introduction of the Maharishi was given followed by the chief guest addressal, prasadam distribution, yoga demonstration and cultural programme. The event was an important mark for our sangathan members as they could get a vivid insight of the great yog science founder and the importance of the same.




On the ides of August, the Independence Day we did our daily bit of warm up and surya namaskar in Mela Ground and from their alongwith the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak members of Kalimpong we participated in the morning procession ‘The Prabhat Feri’, it was the first time ever that non –RSS commoners were actively a part of the procession. Our members had a delightful and a nationalistic experience, singing patriotic songs and flaring our tri-colour an internal feeling of pride being a part of the most beautiful and heroic nation. We payed tribute to the statues of Freedom Fighters placed in the town’s periphery.



On the 05/09/2015, a Rathyatra of Lord Krishna on the eve of Janamasthami was organized from Algarah to Mangal Dham, Kalimpong and our members avidly participated in the yatra alongwith the pranami samudai. Just like Krishna with his gopi’s, all the yatri’s exuberantly sang and danced to the ‘Natkhat Gopal’ bhajanas. The main event of Janamasthami was held after the sun hid himself and moon bloomed out in Mangal Dham, the abode of the pranami’s. Our members diligently and briskly took up the seva work at the Mangal Dham parisar. Few volunteered for the shoe rack section, some towards the bhojanalay area, some at the entry and exit at different points, some inside the temple for proper line functioning , etc. Our members were extremely happy to be able to serve the Mangal Dham Samiti, the giver of our daily yoga practice.


The staunch attitude of our gurus made us an ardent follower and lover to the ancient and effective practice of being an early riser and yoga doer, for which a thanksgiving ceremony was organized on the 6th of September, 2015 to deeply pour our gratitude to our two gurus who spare their precious time for the society without any monetary benefit to their kitty. The venue for the event was ‘Maneylakha’ there were group songs, dances, and addresals by our gurus followed by khada arpan to our gurus. Every member participated enthusiastically in the event and made it a successful one.



To reach our word for a salubrious society to every door in Kalimpong, we started the distribution of our own calendar for the upcoming year 2016 from the 1st week of December. Our calendar depicted the images of various events of our sanstha with the depiction of our logo and motto, ‘Mrityurma Amritam Gamaya’ alongwith the ‘Ekatmata Mantra’ which clearly states God is one, humans are one too and there is no biasness based on any religion, caste, culture,etc. Like the name of the mantra itself ‘’Ekatmata’’ all is one

A new beginning of the year was also a new start-up for our sanstha more and more people started to join our cause of a healthy and disease- free society.



RSS had organized an ITC camp on January, 2016 at Pranami Balika Vidya Mandir. Our members gave in their contribution via seva for the sangh members. Route march from 10th mile to Thana Dara by the swayam sevaks were warmingly welcomed with flower showers throughout the march by our enthusiastic members. This event was the first of its kind in Kalimpong where the swayam sevaks had a pompous welcome.



The traffic controllers of our town had planned out a traffic safety week from _____ January to _____ January , 2016. The last day of the week was celebrated in Rockvale Academy, 8th mile , Kalimpong. Instead of keeping an opening dance for the event they decided to invite us for the opening event. We started with Sun Salutation[Surya Namaskar] and then presentation of different aasanas. The members actively participated in the event and placed their best foot forward to mark the 1st public appearance of the year a success. We received a token of participation from the traffic OC.



On the 26th of January,just like in the Independence day, all the members gathered in Mela ground for the daily yog practice, then along with the RSS members actively indulged themselves in the Prabhat Feri singing patriotic songs and awakening people to the spirit of nationalism.



On March ___ 2016, Hindu New Year was celebrated at Thakurbari by the RSS, our members and a lot of common people took part in the event. Flag hoisting, knowledgeable talks on the nation and freedom fighters was given by the speakers from the sangh. Patriotic songs were also sung. These events brought into limelight the true meaning of Hindustan to the people, which is not just the Hindus but every individual residing in the Hindustan periphery.